AN IRISH GIRL who is currently living in London is planning to jump out of an aeroplane with thirty other people, including Amy Winehouse’s mother, to celebrate the singer’s thirtieth birthday.

Jenny Conlon, who is originally from Sandymount in Dublin, will be doing the skydive on September 29 in Cambridgeshire with the North London Skydiving Centre (NLSC). Janis Winehouse and the Mayor of Camden, Jonathan Simpson will be leading the the 30 strong parachute jump who are raising funds for the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Lifelong obsession

Speaking to, Conlon said she’s had a lifelong obsession with Winehouse.

She said: “I just love Amy Winehouse. I have always loved her music and thought she was an inspirational singer. Then, after she passed away I started to keep up with the Amy Winehouse Foundation and their events.”

She said that she had been in touch with the foundation about charity events and then one day she got an email from Amy’s brother about the skydive. “As it is a tandem jump the numbers are restricted to just thirty people, so I feel very lucky to be on the team,” she said.

Conlon added that even though Amy’s actual birthday is on September 14, the skydive will take place two weeks later as there is so many events organised for the day of her birthday.

‘I forgot I’d actually have to jump out of a plane’

She said:

I think I”m definitely must be mad! I was so excited when I found out I was going to be doing it. I was kind of more excited about the whole Amy Winehouse side of it that I actually forgot about the whole jumping out of a plane side of things!
Conlon said that being a fan of the singer is not the whole reason for taking part in such an event. “I lost an aunt in a tragic way. She died as a result of a lifelong addiction. This is why I also want to raise anything I can to help other people and families in this situation,” she said.

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