Autumn midnight had struck the progressive, coolness, g-suite manchester cannot bear a thin blanket thickness is changed, wrapped tight. Children stumbled into the air, the bright moonlight through a window covered half of the bed, like a layer of beautiful gauze, gently stroking my cheek. Lying in bed light stroking thoughts, dimly aware of "Mid Autumn Festival" is a step towards me, suddenly all sorts of feelings with the brain.

All alone in a foreign land, Sze times during the festive season, each to the Mid Autumn Festival is coming, I always have a kind of no matter where I go I will be home the feeling. Because of the small when they are far away from me, every happy mid autumn day, I always look forward to my parents to come back with me until I came to the reunion, but parents have failed to achieve this desire, I will to parents and sisters thoughts rubbed into Grandma's moon cake, g-suite with tears a piece to eat. Grow up, I came to their parents around, finally have got one's wish to spend the Mid Autumn Festival and parents, but every time, I will miss the home of relatives, missing and I are yin and Yang grandma, this happy holiday would make me fell dejected.

Although every Mid Autumn Festival will have regrets, but fortunately can spend in the company of family. Only last year, because the job is busy, the first at home before the mid autumn festival. Last year the Mid Autumn Festival on the same day, I was on a business trip and colleagues in Xinyuan County, Yining City, on the afternoon of the same day blustery, I had to leave work early to Lao Wang returned to the hotel, the days of the tired prompted me to the hotel before going to sleep, woke up after a meal, but I do not know when the rain, snapping at the window, I got up and looked out the window of the rain, think of today is the Mid Autumn Festival, although have informed the family couldn't be home for the holidays, but I know the family dinner table must have a pair of chopsticks is waiting for me, parents must be in the door and looked out numerous times, sisters and talking about how big sister the mid autumn festival...... Mind has been wandering in the warm home, and watch TV all the time old suddenly asked me what to eat at night, I found myself already was in tears. Back to God and asked him: "you are what you eat", Lao Wang said: "it's raining cats and dogs outside, we go a day too tired, there are two packets of instant noodles, we will eat", actually I also have this idea, want to say, but the words from his mouth turned into: "today is the Mid Autumn Festival, I have never been outside the feast, the rain outside is enough to make people sad, instant noodles in this day, g-suite cardinal manchester is really not the taste." With this I was stunned, Lao Wang listen to and laugh, originally he forgot that day is the Mid Autumn Festival, then said: "go, I ask you to eat a meal".

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