May 12th is mother's day, are you ready what gift for mother to express love and gratitude? In fact, the world most mothers, most concerned about is the mind, not the present value how much money. The reporter also collect citizens affordable, and can make the mother love.

The most warm gift -- to send my mother a sentence

Mother a few days before, Zhang Li of 28 years old is not as usual to mother prepare gifts, but to give mother a long time but feel shy to say the truth. This year Zhang Li is going to face told her mother: "Mom, I love you".

Zhang Li said, in fact, she is very loving mother, just older now feel shy to say I love you, this sentence. Therefore every year to buy flowers, jewelry and so on expression of a mother's love hk gift and premium.

The most thoughtful gift -- for the mother to do breakfast

"Began even earlier from my primary school, my mother didn't sleep too late, get up early for me to breakfast, now married and have children, the mother to let we can rest, began to raise grandchildren early breakfast. Mother's day, I want to give my mother made breakfast, let her also sleep well back." Work in the industrial park of Mr. Wu told reporters hk gift premium fair.

The most healthy gift -- to accompany her mother to go for a walk and dance

"Instead of buying gifts on Mother's day this day God, not as good as usual to spend more time with mom." This is Ms. Lin, she is a staff member of the lotus community. She says one family can be happy in peace together, is the mother of the biggest wish.

Ms. Lin said, usually work very busy, community and relatively trivial things, mother's day she would try to put aside all other chores, to accompany the mother. "Her mother every day to buy food to cook for the family laundry and mopping the floor of what, very hard, the evening when the whole family to accompany her mother went to the park for a walk, square dance, let mother to relax." Ms. Lin said, "time to be sure to bring the camera to give mom a few more photo, usually busy with work is not around, looking through the photos is also very gratified"

The utility of the present -- on the Internet to buy my mother a computer

"The school is very busy in foreign countries, because of the time difference, call my parents have a lot of inconvenience, online shopping to send things is the best way I choose." Deng Yi in the QQ hair news told reporters hk gift and premium.

Deng Yi is the last to go to study in Germany, has been more than a year did not see parents, as early as at the end of 4 when he was on QQ message asking what gift to give mother.

"Small before when they are parents to worry about us, now older parents, is in need of my care, and I was not around them. Mother's day this year, I through the network to the mother bought a computer, they think I can chat with my video." Deng said.

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